Amazing uses of Natto for health

Natto is a first-class food that provides an extremely rich amount of protein, meeting all 8 essential amino acids that many people previously thought that only animal foods had.

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Amazing uses of Natto for health

At first, I ate natto just for the purpose of supplementing the ideal protein source from plants, without knowing the other valuable values ​​brought by natto. Recently, after carefully studying the traditions of eating and drinking fermented foods of other countries, especially Vietnam, Japan, and Korea, I am confident to summarize the great benefits of natto for you. for your reference.

Fermented soybeans – Natto
Natto dissolves blood clots – promotes heart health
Currently, cardiovascular diseases are a big threat to Vietnamese people. There are many reasons leading to the increasing number of people suffering from the disease and especially the younger patients.
Cardiovascular disease progresses silently, the arteries are gradually blocked by blood clots, causing ischemia, leading to tissue necrosis, arterial rupture. The disease is related to hypertension, atherosclerosis and often has no obvious symptoms until a stroke occurs in different organs such as the heart, brain... with a high mortality rate.

In addition to the effect of dissolving blood clots, smoothing the flow of blood, natto also has the effect of making blood vessels elastic and flexible, so it has the effect of regulating blood pressure. In addition, natto contains a lot of vitamin K2, which plays the role of activating calcium-regulating proteins such as osteocalcin, helping calcium-regulating proteins to switch from inactive to active form. Natto is very good for bones and joints.

Both vitamins K1 and K2 are essential for bone health. While K1 is found naturally in green leafy vegetables, K2 is produced by bacteria. However, natto contains both of these two types of vitamin K, especially K2, which is very abundant.

Postmenopausal women are at increased risk of osteoporosis due to a decrease in the hormone estrogen. Although regularly supplemented with calcium, without vitamin K2, most of this calcium will be excreted.
Natto with vitamin K2 strengthens bones, soothes joint pain, dry joints and aches in the bones.

Natto improves the digestive system
The natto bacteria have a very strong vitality, withstand boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius for a few tens of minutes, withstand an acidic environment, so they easily pass gastric juice. Live natto bacteria will travel throughout the digestive system, creating a favorable environment for the digestion of food, destroying harmful bacteria, and restoring the beneficial bacterial system in the intestine.

For people with intestinal flora disorders due to antibiotics or colitis, long-term constipation, etc., consuming natto for a while will give very unexpected effects. Particularly for constipation, natto acts as a natural laxative, making it a great remedy.

Natto boosts immunity
Natto is also rich in vitamin C, rich in zinc, rich in iron, selenium, and copper. They are important contributors to the healthy functioning of the immune system. For example, vitamin C improves immune function by encouraging the spread of T cells when an infection occurs. Furthermore, scientists suggest that vitamin C also inhibits the death of T cells, helping to promote immune function.

A rich source of protein and minerals
Natto is a first-class food that provides an extremely rich amount of protein, meeting all 8 essential amino acids that many people previously thought that only animal foods had.

The sticky part in natto
Natto is known for its sticky viscosity, which is one reason many people hesitate to start enjoying it. The sticky part is polyglutamic acid, which is created when soybeans are fermented.

Polyglutamic acid is a polypeptide containing large amounts of glutamic acid molecules. Glutamate gives foods the umami (a delicious flavor often associated with foods like soup broths made from kelp, shiitake mushrooms, shellfish, and other ingredients) that makes it so delicious. Polyglutamic acid also helps the body absorb calcium and minerals better.

Natto in macrobiotics
Macrobiotic people love natto, along with miso, tamari or tempeh... According to macrobiotics, natto has the most minerals, which are Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium... . These are the elements that make the blood alkaline, which is very good for patients and all subjects due to eating too much yin and acidic foods such as butter, milk, red meat, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, fast food,…

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