10 extremely useful Japanese stationery tools

In Japan, there are extremely useful stationery tools for students. Let's learn some tools with Injavi.

Oct 19, 2022 - 14:09
Feb 3, 2023 - 08:30
10 extremely useful Japanese stationery tools

1. Waterproof notebook

According to the researchers, the paper used for this notebook is so durable that even if you touch it when it gets wet, it won't tear. If you use a waterproof ballpoint pen to take notes, the ink will not spill on the paper.

2. Electrostatic board

With this useful Rackage tool, you can put your important notes on it and at the same time keep your desk neat and tidy.

3. Erasable ballpoint pen

This pen uses a special ink that can be erased by frictional heat between the paper and the rubber eraser. You can easily erase any ink stains on the paper. Another special feature of this pen is that the eraser tip does not wear out after many uses and does not leave tiny erasers.

4. Stapling without staples

According to a paper manufacturer – the company that created this unique type of stapler, you can use this tool to attach papers and documents together without the need for a stapler. This is not only safe for families with young children, but also environmentally friendly.

5. Personal information security stickers

There are probably a lot of documents or papers that contain personal information that you don't want anyone to see. You can completely tear these types of documents and papers when you no longer use them, but this is quite inconvenient and time consuming.

6. Adhesive tape without using glue

This glue-free tape is specially designed. The two sides of the sticker only stick together, not anything else. This will definitely be a very useful tool for you!

7. Drag Castanet

With this special scissors, you only need to gently press the wooden handle to cut. Scissors do not need to use too much force to use, so it is very suitable for the elderly. Besides, the blade is also carefully wrapped, so it is also extremely safe for children

8. Pencil sharpener

This pencil sharpener is specially designed and convenient, the only thing you need to do is rotate the pen left and right.

9. Super thin stickers

As you can see, these stickers are very thin, so you can stick them anywhere. Because these stickers are made from a slightly translucent paper, you can stick them on documents or notebooks and still be readable.

10. Pen stand

Surely we all have times when we do not understand where our pens, erasers, or rulers are in the middle of the pile of supplies in the pen case. With this special pen holder, you can easily find everything you need without having to struggle to rummage through everything.

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